Covid-19 Basic Pack


When you are sending out parcels during this COVID-19 pandemic, then this Health and Safety Starter Pack is all you need to be properly prepared and covered in any situation.

Customers are looking for reliable and trustworthy businesses to shop with, now more than ever. If they know that you have every single step of your process covered and recorded, plus they also know you have strict cleaning and sanitary procedures - even if it is just you in your business - it will give them more confidence to buy from you.

We all want to feel safe or as close to that as possible and when you are able to show your customers how you are making sure they are safe, you are one step ahead of your competition.
If contact tracing lands people on your business' doorstep, it is also vital you are able to show your records and procedures. It will be even more important that you are able to show the responsibility you took and how you reduced any risk to the minimum. 

This starter pack has spreadsheets and forms which will formalise your processes and help you get ready for what COULD happen. Even if you have already made the decisions, they need to be written down and followed.This means - if ever called upon - you can show and prove how you have taken steps to trade as responsibly as possible.

This file will take you far beyond this COVID-19 crisis too, you will be able to apply the principles for any period in which you run your business.

Included in this starter pack:
Helps you look at each step of your processes and how COVID-19 could pose a risk as well as recording your steps to mitigate risks as much as possible.
Looking into COVID-19, description and recommendations as well as space for you to write your action plan.
Helps you easily record and log any visitors you or your business have had, times couriers have picked up/delivered, etc.
An overview of all potential Health & Safety risks for a small business owner - this file applies for any small business, working from home and is applicable at any time.
Easily track what you have created and when.
A file for you to record your cleaning regime as well as Hygiene practices.
Advice and information regarding your cleaning and hygiene practices, including the opportunity to record who is informed and trained.
Once you purchase you will have this PDF emailed to you.

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