82 Fatalities and over 28,000 injuries in the workplace in a year.
Do you want to be part of those statistics?

NO? Then let Think Safety New Zealand help you TODAY.

Health & Safety affects EVERYONE in business in NZ.

From Hairdressers to Tradies and everything in between, all businesses need to ensure compliance with the law.

And Health & Safety is not only about accidents, but mental health as well.


I'm Angela and I am Think Safety New Zealand. I have many years of experience in the Health & Safety field, and I am passionate about helping NZ business not only comply with the law but have safe and happy employees as well.

Employees who feel safe at work are healthy and more productive

I can offer a solution that is not only specific for your industry, but caters to your business needs as well. Alongside my packs I offer continuous support and follow ups, at times that work for you.

We offer Health and Safety packs for small businesses in the Waikato and beyond.

All our packs include Policy Statement and Manual, Hazard and Risk Register, Accident forms and anything else relevant to your specific industry and business.

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